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Miss Cabo Verde International 2022


Akysanna Da Veiga

Age: 22

Residence: Santiago

My name is Akysanna Vany Vaz da Veiga, I'm from Santiago island, I'm 22 years old, and  I currently live in Praia, in Várzea. I am in the 3rd year of my degree in Communication Sciences, in the field of journalism, at Jean Piaget University, where I am also part of the Student Association. I'm a music lover, no matter what genre, I'm always humming in different situations because music calms me down.

5 facts about me

• I love to read and I'm always

open to new experiences;

• I love the sea;

• I adapt easily, I am a very outgoing

and friendly person;

• Nobody ever says my name correctly;

• I'm very helpful.


Anicia Almeida

Age: 26

Residence: Santiago

Graduated in Informatics and Computer Engineering from the University of Cape Verde (UNICV), professor of Informatics and Robotics at the Centro Educativo Miraflores School. A very nice, humble and super creative girl. The computer is my big "partner". In addition to being my work tool, it's where I get inspired and reinvent myself. In my free time, music is my companion. I love to sing and practice foreign languages, especially English, which is one of my favorites. I am also a photography lover. 

5 facts about me

• Persistent;

• Creative;

• Curious;

• Diplomat;

• Communicator.


Catheleen Veiga

Age: 22

Residence: EUA

My name is Catheleen Morais Veiga, I'm 22 years old, born in Praia, Santiago. At the age of 15 I moved to the United States of America where I live in Boston, Ma. During the last 7 years I dedicated myself to my education and graduated in Fashion Design and Production. And in May of this year, as the final phase of my degree, I launched my first collection called “Badjuda” where I pay tribute to the strength, dedication and resilience of our Cape Verdean women.

5 facts about me

• I love watching the sunrise and sunset,

it's a way to recharge my energies;

• I've been sewing for 7 years;

• I have a passion for all kinds of art;

• I am a very perfectionist person;

• I value a good vibe with friends and family.


Denise Mendes

Age: 19

Residence: Fogo

My name is Denise, I'm 19 years old, I've lived in Santa Filomena since I was a child. I finished the 9th year of schooling, and for personal reasons I had to drop out of school, but I intend to go back to my studies. I participated in Miss contests since I was 16 years old, and I always received some banners like Miss/First Lady, Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic. My biggest achievement was in Miss Fogo 2022, in which I was First Lady and Miss Congeniality.

5 facts about me

• I am a nice and simple person;

• I love making new friends;

• I'm humble;

• I love to parade;

 • I'm very playful.


Eveline Cardoso

Age: 18

Residence: Santiago

Hello, I'm Eveline Rosete Moreira Cardoso. I like to take care of animals, I like to take care of my environment, I really like dancing and being with fun people.

5 facts about me

• I'm smart;

• I’m charismatic;

• I have got a leader spirit;

• I adapt easily;

• I deal well with people.


Indira Mendes

Age: 21

Residence: Santiago

I’m a 1st year student of the Communication Sciences - Journalism course. My first experience on the catwalks was in 2018 when I participated in the Miss & Mister Safende contest, where I won the Miss Safende 2018 belt. I participated in several other contests where I received the Miss Ponta d'água 2019 belt, 1st Lady Miss Kriola CV in Calheta, Miss Jean Piaget University 2022, Miss Photogenic and Popular. I participated in fashion shows. My desire is to step on all the catwalks in the world.

5 facts about me

• I'm super nice;

• I really like helping others;

• I really like children;

• I really like nature;

• I prefer to stay at home, watch TV Shows,

listen to music and parade.


Yara Ramos

Age: 22

Residence: São Vicente 

My name is Yara Gissel Soares Ramos, I'm 22 years old, born in the island of São Nicolau. I was born on April 21, 2000. I am currently in the 3rd year of the Accounting course at the University of ISCEE (Instituto Superior de Ciências Econômicas e Empresas). I live in São Vicente.

5 facts about me

• I’m a fashion lover, shows as well as photos;

• I’m very anxious;

• I am very dedicated and applied;

• I’m organized, I like everything in its place,

a bit of a “perfectionist”;

• I’m an extrovert.


jassica rye

Age: 27

Residence: Portugal

My name is Jassica Centeio, I was born in Campanas de Baixo, on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde, and I am the fourth of 5 sisters. In 2014 I got a scholarship that allowed me to move to Portugal to continue my studies. Regarding my career, in 2020 I completed the Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences at FFUP and worked for two years in a community pharmacy. I can say that it was a unique experience, where I met many of the closest friends I have today. At the moment, I live two lives: I try to reconcile the life of a pharmacist, with the creation of content and work that I develop for a Portuguese clothing brand, which is very dear to me.

5 facts about me

• I love poetry, I'm romantic;

• I meditate and I’m grateful for the life I have;

• I love watching movies and series, unless they’re horror;

• Nobody gets my name right, some days

I'm ''Jessica'', others ''Jássica'' and others ''Jacinta'';

• I’m a plant lover.


Kativania Ramos

Age: 23

ResidenceSão Nicolau

My name is Kativânia Oliveira Ramos, I was born on the island of São Nicolau. At the age of 18, I had to emigrate to Portugal, where I pursued my Academic Training, which I completed this year, 2022, at the renowned Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, located in the north of Portugal, in the city of Bragança. At 23 years old, I still have a lot to learn and I can say that I'm ready for new changes and achievements in my life. One of them being to represent Cape Verde internationally.

5 facts about me

• I'm a nature lover;

• I’m a good cook and I like to

please my loved ones;

• I'm a fan of anime and Japanese culture;

• I love to go shopping;

• I consider myself an empathetic person.


Leonela de Oliveira

Age: 18

Residence: Santiago

I grew up with my mother, my aunts and grandmothers, surrounded by women, each with their own particularities but all strong and admirable. Since I was little I liked to parade, take pictures and dance. My childhood passions were medicine and fashion shows. I participated in advertising campaigns, I was a “mascot” in the Miss they held in the neighborhood where I live and in the high school where I studied. I currently live on the island of Santiago, where I started studying Biological Sciences but had to stop at the end of the first semester because I didn't adapt to the course. The opportunity arose to work at the CVBRANDS store, which is where I work now and has brought me and has brought me only good things.

5 facts about me

• I am a calm and determined person;

• I do yoga, meditate and work out;

• I like to read, write, listen to music and watch TV Shows;

• I donate clothing and food whenever I can.

• I love dogs;


Ludmila Monteiro

Age: 25

Residence: Santiago

Hello! I'm Ludmila Marlucy Veiga Monteiro, I'm 25 years old. I'm from the island of Santiago. I live in the city of Praia, in Palmarejo.

5 facts about me

• I don't give up easily on what I want;

• I love being around the people I love;

• I'm fun and determined;

• I love learning new things;

• My hobbies are makeup and being at

home watching a movie/series.


Leandra Andrade

Age: 18

Residence: Sal

I'm Leandra Florentina Dos Santos Andrade, born on October 21, 2003, I studied at the secondary school Olavo Moniz. I have always enjoyed studying, acquiring new experiences and knowledge. Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed being on the catwalks, I grew up in an environment that brought me a passion for fashion and aesthetics. At the age of 11 I had my first contact with the catwalks, and at the age of 14 I had the opportunity to be a model, having been part of the KedadusMgmnt model agency. I participated in several fashion shows, presenting pieces by national designers, evolving and acquiring experiences.

5 facts about me

• When I get nervous, I cry;

• I'm afraid of the dark, I often

sleep with the lights on;

• I like to help people and feel useful;

• I like to talk about interesting things;

• I love to read and write.


Lidiane Monteiro

Age: 19


I am from Fogo Island, São Filipe, Fonte Aleixo, ''Culumbia''. Like many, since childhood I began to increase my taste for posing in photographs and on the runway. In 2019, I did my first photo shoot. This year I participated in Miss Fogo 2022, where I finished two tracks, Miss Social Media  and the 2nd Lady, and in the same month, I was awarded Miss Cabo Verde as the 1st Lady. I'm simple, friendly and affable and very outgoing. I love going to the beach, I like reading books and watching romantic movies, and I also love making TikTok videos.

5 facts about me

• I am very competitive;

• I use my failures as tools for my success;

• I'm a simple person;

• Fight for gender equality and feminism;

• I’m true to my principles.


Milena Miranda

Age: 18

ResidenceSão Vicente

Born and raised in Santo Antão, Paul. I lived there until I was 17 years old. I attended the 12th grade at Januário Leite Secondary School. Now at 18 years old, I am taking the Business and Organizational Sciences course at the University of Cape Verde in São Vicente. I'm currently looking for new experiences and opportunities, and to succeed is one of my goals. I am a humble, charismatic and creative young woman. Cape Verdean women are distinguished by their determination and their culture.

5 facts about me

• I like to be challenged;

• I'm very determined;

• I am transparent and humble;

• I’m a very emotional person;

• I am very vain, I like to be presentable

and to feel beautiful.


Nickita Bulu

Age: 19


I took rhythmic gymnastics classes between the ages of 9 and 10 with teacher Silvéria Nédio (better known as Nita) and teacher Helena Atmacheva. My first contact with Dance happened when I was very young, in the company Raiz di Polon. I studied at Dança & Arte school in Praia and participated in several dance workshops. In 2019 I participated in the Norte Dança Festival, in Porto. In the area of ​​music and audiovisual, I participated in 2019, in the music video clip for the song "Amor Eterno", by singer-songwriter Manu Reis and in 2021 in the music video for the song "Es ca ta reia", by singer Mário Marta.

5 facts about me

• I’m a persistent and strong person;

• I'm very attached to my family;

• I’m dedicated and independent;

• Since I was very little I love to dance;

• I’m very connected to art and to

Cape Verdean culture.


Paula Mendes

Age: 18

Residence: Santiago

I'm Paula Katiliana Cardoso Mendes, I was born on the island of Santiago and I'm 18 years old. I live in the city of Praia in Alto da Glória. I have completed the 12th grade of schooling. In 2018, when social media viralized my photos, I had the chance to be recognized by several people and agencies both nationally and internationally. I joined the MFashion fashion agency in 2019. I have participated in various events, advertising campaigns and some other projects.

5 facts about me

• I love chill out and warm music, I'm romantic;

• I practice gymnastics and do a lot of reading;

• I love watching movies and following

the news on social media;

• I’m known as Black Barbie, but

Katizinha is my favorite nickname;

• I’m a full moon lover.


Stefany Santos

Age: 21

Residence: Santiago

Hello, I'm Stefany Patricia Silva Santos, I'm 21 years old and I'm from São Nicolau. I have a degree in Forensic Sexology, I am currently the second member of the supervisory board of the Cape Verdean Association of Criminology and I am licensing Criminology and Public Security. I am passionate about dance and books. I really want to be able to create an NGO in the future to help children who are victims of violence and sexual exploitation.

5 facts about me

• I have thalassophobia;

• I have difficulty showing affection;

• Im extremely determined;

• I'm very homely;

• I value loyalty above all.


Stephany Amado

Age: 23


Hello, my name is Stephany Amado. I'm a 23 year old full-time model, born and raised in Cape Verde. I am passionate about being a positive influence to young African women, serving as a source of representation that was lacking from a very young age. I enjoy cooking, traveling, hiking, as well as reading and writing poetry. As my modeling career grows, I intend to use my platform and voice to be a beacon of hope for all young Cape Verdeans.

5 facts about me

• I'm multilingual;

• I am an advocate of holistic medicine;

• I am actively involved in issue-related

social activism in Cape Verde;

• I like to write poetry and sing;

• I got my first job at 17.


Tayrine da Veiga

Age: 24

Residence: Portugal

I'm Tayrine da Veiga, I'm 24 years old, born on the island of Santiago (São Domingos), I'm a student of the “Solicitadoria” course.

5 facts about me

• I am stubborn;

• I'm super communicative;

• I'm friendly and outgoing;

• My favorite dish is "congo beans;

• My Favorite Social Media is Instagram


Vera dos Reis

Age: 24

Residence: Brasil

My name is Vera dos Reis, I'm 24 years old and I'm a mechanical engineering student in Belém do Pará, Brazil, where I've lived for 5 years. I'm in the last moments of my graduation course, which allows me to be 100% available to be Miss Cabo Verde International. There are many reasons that make me run for this title and one of the ones that draws my attention the most is to be able to represent my country with all its culture and also its challenges. I am Miss Black Beauty 2021/2022 from the city of Marituba, in the state of Pará – Brazil. I recently participated in the Miss Black Beauty of Pará contest and was awarded as my first.

5 facts about me

• An intelligent and empowered woman;

• Person of principles, responsible and proactive;

• Dedicated to social, racial,

gender and environmental;

• Humble and ambitious;

• Very charismatic.

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