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Miss Cabo Verde International (MissCVI) was created to address the lack of representation Cabo Verde has in participating in global beauty pageants held around the world. MissCVI has created a platform that will allow our beauty pageant winners to be ambassadors for Cabo Verde Culture Worldwide.

Miss Cabo Verde International is a national and global pageant of Cabo Verde. The event is the most anticipated project of all times, that is set to empower, lead, inspire young women of Cabo Verdean descent to advocate for social changes and to promote the culture of Cabo Verde, while presenting the Island’s as a choice destination for tourism and international investment, thus aiding its economic growth and development.


Inspire young Cape Verdean women to pursue their dreams, create awareness about social challenges, and promote Cabo Verde’s rich culture and heritage.


Miss Cabo Verde International is a leadership platform for young Cabo Verdean women.

Through a process of pageantry, participants receive world-renowned training as well as advanced networking, business and life skills and promote Cabo Verde culture and cultural artifacts worldwide. The pageant will facilitate a platform for Cabo Verdean women to dream, inspire, lead, and advocate for social change in Cabo Verde.



We recognize that for women to be heard, they need to be equally represented in all areas of decision-making, and to be able to participate with impact. Miss Cabo Verde International will highlight cape verdean women capable of amplifying the voices of other women.

Social Changes

• Advocate and lobby for the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and key United Nations Women empowerment policies and agenda in Cape Verde.


• Champion United Nations International Decade in Cape Verde by seeking partnership with other beauty queens across Africa, Private sector, NGO to promote United Nations International Decade in Cape Verde.

• Take concrete and practical steps through the adoption and effective implementation of national and international legal frameworks, policies and programs to people of African descent across the globe.

• The winner will work with Cape Verde government and private sector to create awareness and implementation for four pillars of African Union Strategy for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

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