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Jassica Centeio



My name is Jassica Centeio, I was born in the remote rural area of Ilha do Fogo in Cabo Verde and I am one of the 5 sisters. At age 7 we moved to the city of São Filipe due to a hereditary neurodegenerative disease that affects my family and would take my father and later my two older sisters. I lived there until I was 18. Then I moved to Porto where I enrolled in the Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Porto, where I graduated in 2020. During my university period I did Erasmus in the Czech Republic and in Italy, which I consider the best chapters of my life. However, during my Erasmus in Italy, I was sexually assaulted, an event that would mark me and help shape me into the woman I am.


Today I am a pharmacist and I want all families to have access to health services, all young people to have access to a university education and all women to have the same rights and opportunities that I have and that they effectively deserve.


For this reason, I decided to participate in Miss Cabo Verde International and reached the top 3. Now I am proudly the Ambassador of Tourism and the first Miss Planet International of Cabo Verde. My main goal in life is to inspire young people and show that resilience is a superpower.

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